Condo / HOA Management

Our current property manager was brought in by the developer and as president of our new condo association many of the board members believe we needed to choose someone more responsible and loyal to us. After asking around and much research we found that “Real Estate Investor Service” offers an unparalleled service to our condominium association. We were very impressed with their depth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of HOA management. They maintain the condominium community’s operating budget and association needs and provide detailed financial reporting. Communication and service with them has been top-notch and they have great business ethics. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

–Pat L.

Single Family Home Leasing & Management

I recently received a job transfer and we had to move out of state. We tried to sell our house, but the real estate market was down and we couldn’t afford to take the loss on it. We decided to hire a property management company and Real Estate Investor Service impressed us the most. They were very patient and helpful with all our questions. They showed our house to prospective tenants and found the perfect ones in no time. They handle all the accounting and any repairs needed in a timely manner so that everyone was content. Their fees are more than reasonable and I have been very impressed with every aspect of this company’s services.

–Guy & Sandy T.

Apartment Management 

As a private investor of my first apartment complex I had requested quotes from three different property management services and Real Estate Investor Service was the only one I promptly received a call back from. They took the time to explain how the service worked and put an estimate together. As a full-service management firm they are excellent in recognizing potential problems and are responsive and quick to resolve all and any issues and take the necessary action before they become a major concern. The property and grounds are always in pristine condition and the residents all seem quite happy there which makes me very pleased. I would be happy to serve as a reference anytime.

–Frank J.

We are writing to show our appreciation for your awesome service. It is very refreshing and comforting in this age to receive the responsive attention that you and your staff provide in the management of our facilities and we sincerely appreciate your services in helping us maintain our facilities to the highest possible manner. Real Estate Investor Service has provided exceptional service to us for over 3 years and look forward to a long healthy relationship.

–Jonathon & Sarah R.

Commercial Management

First I want to say to all the staff members at Real Estate Investor Service thank you and you for providing top management services to our properties over the past six years. You have understood the nature of our business goals and have been unobtrusive in assisting us at times of need. Your promptness and thoroughness have been recognized and are certainly appreciated. My tenants are happy and so are my partners. Keep up the excellent work.

–Ron S., R&S Real Estate Partners